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Poseidon and Alia fell in love. One could not live without the other.
One’s Happiness became the smile on the other one’s face.
One inhaled for the other to breathe in.
They were a match made in heaven.
They became the paragon of lovers.
Everyone envied the way they moved, the words one said to each other, the way they looked at each other, their passionate embrace, the love that was overflowing every time they became one.
The fruit of their love could be no other than Rhodes.
The amorous Rhodes, which was worshipped and is still adored by the sun and kept in his embrace for 330 days a year. Amorous like her parents she takes him in her bosom and creates. She gives life to a wonderful mild flora and a wealthy fauna and she flaunts them to him thanking him for his devotion. Common man could never be indifferent to the luxury of the variety of nature on Rhodes.
There came to settle from everywhere, Kares, Leleges, Achaeans, Pondorians, Vrigindarians etc “merging” their cultures. What was once Raw came to be cooked, what was insipid became tasty. Simple food was enriched and became a recipe.
The common outdoor home hearth became a common gathering place. The success of one place was envied and it led to the creation of others that followed suit. There were rules imposed, the place became more beautiful, its name renowned. Its replicas in other urban centres of the Mediterranean were worthy of their fame.
This is how they came down to us who came to serve them. We modern Rhodians take pride in the fact that our island has the most celebrated restaurants in the world.
Our restaurants have devoted fans all over the world. Food-making in Rhodes has been and will always be ahead of laws, provisions, society and even up to date art. We needed a competent body to promote, safeguard and protect the priests of this temple of activity.
So in 2003, 23 of us restaurant owners gathered and formed the Union of Rhodes Island Restaurant –owners.
That initiative led to our having approximately 250 members today, and a board of directors that closely follows every restaurant owner in order not only to prevent adverse outcomes but also be one step ahead of the customers’ wishes; giving advice to its members and listening to their complaints and many times intervene ensuring the dish served at the tables of its members depicts only the restaurant-owner’s noble sentiments.
The international fame of Rhodes restaurants is proof that this has been achieved to a great extent.
So….Trust our members!!

The Board of Directors

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